Twin Towers

Large residential complex “Twin Towers” located in one of the quiet and peaceful areas of the city.
House Comfort class, consisting of two blocks, 18 floors each.
The first two floors of the buildings are commercial in nature. The advantages of your future housing are that each apartment has a large enough, and, no less important, free layout, as well as high ceilings.
Each block has only 2 entrances (entrances) and not one, not two, but as many as 3 high-speed and silent elevators, two of which are passenger and one freight.
In total, there are 8 spacious apartments on one typical floor. Each apartment will be equipped with a modern automated system “Smart House”.
On an area of more than 1.2 hectares of land where the residential complex will be located, a large private kindergarten will also be built. The entire territory will be landscaped and equipped with a comfortable playground for a pleasant pastime outside the home.
It should be noted that all partitions will be made of high quality bricks. Noise isolation and thermal conductivity of your home is guaranteed.