Muskan Taver (finish)


The first smart residential complex “Maskan Tower” in Dushanbe. Each apartment will be equipped with the Smart Home system. A two-story underground parking, a playground with a football field in the yard, as well as video surveillance around the perimeter of the entire Residential Complex (Security Room) are planned. The residential complex consists of 3 blocks: two with 13 floors and one with 15 floors.
Manage your life through your smartphone. Turn on the air conditioner to create a comfortable temperature in your home and simply make life better.
After the construction of the Maskan Tower residential complex, you will not have to think about where and how to take out the garbage! During the year, a free service is provided for the removal of construction and other debris from the apartment itself.
The playground is located directly in the courtyard of the Maskan Tower residential complex and is equipped with modern security systems.