Lohuti Premium

Premium class house with insulated facade.
Consists of 3 blocks, two of which consist of 11 floors and the largest of 12 floors.
Ground floor 1st and 2nd floors of all blocks are commercial.
There is underground parking, as well as free parking spaces outside the building.
The entire territory is equipped with a video surveillance system.
In the back of the house there will be a large playground for a comfortable pastime of residents, as well as a private kindergarten.
Each block has one entrance, each of which has 2 silent high-speed elevators (cargo and passenger)
On one living area of a typical floor there are 4 apartments on the left side and 4 on the right side. In each apartment, as a bonus, the company gives a gift of the “Smart Home” system, which includes control of underfloor heating, lighting, water supply, elevator, etc., as well as elements that you yourself choose for automation.